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Caltrans Section 39 HMA specifications

Caltrans asphalt specifications

Caltrans and industry have been meeting for several years to review and update Section 39 of the Caltrans asphalt specifications (Hot Mix Asphalt), and a major revision was published on July 31, 2007. A significant revision was published in March of 2008. More meetings were held and a new revision was published electronically in June of 2009. The "final" version was published electronically on May 20, 2011. CalAPA is currently gathering feedback on how the new specification is performing in the field, and draft changes to the specifications have been proposed. Watch this page for news on this and other Section 39 happenings.

Click HERE to visit the Caltrans Office of the Office Engineer page devoted to construction contract standards, including Standard Specifications and draft updates that are published for review and comment.


News stories on Section 39


Pavement smoothness discussed by Caltrans, industry

(Feb. 6, 2009)

Caltrans HMA page


The Caltrans Division of Construction maintains a Hot Mix Asphalt page of helpful informaiton. Click HERE to view.



Caltrans Standard Specifications (2010)

On May 20, 2011, Caltrans posted on its website the updated version of its standard specifications, which includes Section 39 and other areas pertaining to Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA). Click HERE to download the full specification in PDF format. Section 39 begins on Page 411. The specs are also available in book form from the department's Publications Unit.

Section 39 training


CalAPA is offering a half-day seminar statewide, reviewed by Caltrans, titled, "Critical Changes to Caltrans 39 Asphalt Specifications." Click HERE to view schedule or sign-up.

Caltrans QC Manual


Caltrans updated its Quality Control  Manual for Hot Mix Asphalt in June of 2009. Click HERE to download the latest version. Note: Use with the 2006 Amendment to the Standard Specifications.

Material Plant Quality Program (MPQP)


The Caltrans Material Plant Quality Program (MPQP) manual was last updated in July of 2008. Click HERE to download it.

HMA Quality Control Plan Review Checklist


A Quality Control Plan Review Checklist for Hot Mix Asphalt (a Word document) can be found HERE.

QC/QA Manual for Asphalt Concrete Production & Placement


Caltrans Quality Control Quality Assurance Manual orginally published in June 2002.

Click HERE to view.

Job Mix Formula


Click HERE to read a California Asphalt Insider article about delays in JMF verification as a result of confusion over Section 39 changes.