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There are many tools available to tell asphalt's story

Asphalt covers about 93 percent of paved surfaces in California because generations of engineers and designers concluded it delivers the best value for the dollar and has attributes the public has come to know and appreciate: smooth, quiet, safe, durable and sustainable. The asphalt industry continues to develop and update promotional materials to convey these timeless messages to modern audiences in new and compelling ways, exploiting the latest technology to ensure the information is spread far and wide. These assets, which include graphics, advertisements, web and social media content and video, are free and easily accessible. CalAPA members are strongly encouraged to utilize these assets in their own outreach efforts to customers, public agency personnel and the public. The latest campaign is titled "Performance for a Lifetime."

NEW! Promotion toolkit

New assets and tips for use

A promotional assets "toolkit" is a good first place to start. It includes an inventory of the most recent assets, tips on how they may be used, and links to download them. View it HERE.


Educational & promotional

CalAPA has compiled promotional and educational videos about asphalt pavements in one convenient place on our website. View them HERE.


Suitable for the public

Brochures, white papers and other information largely meant for public consumption have been developed and are available for download via the CalAPA publications page HERE. These handsome publications cover popular topics, such as sustainability, water quality, pavement type selection and carbon footprint.


Magazine article on campaign

Cover story on promotion

A California Asphalt magazine story about the promotional campaign and assets can be found HERE.