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This page contains the results of CalAPA 'Snapshot" website and newsletter polls. The surveys are conducted periodically in the "California Asphalt Insider" newsletter and on the CalAPA website on topics of interest to the asphalt industry in California. Note: The results of the surveys are not scientific but rather reflect the opinions of readers of the "Califolrnia Asphalt Insider" newsletter and visitors to the CalAPA website who choose to vote.  

Survey conducted July 19-25, 2010


Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) recently announced that Warm Mix Asphalt technology should be targeted for wider implementation. Should California (Caltrans) allow contractors the option to use Warm Mix Asphalt on projects in place of regular Hot Mix Asphalt?




Yes: 96 percent

No: 2 percent

Unsure/No opinion: 1 percent

Total Votes: 83