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CalAPA's High Stability HMA

(Intersection Mix)

 The CalAPA Intersection mix (Type HS) has been in use in the Sacramento area for more than five years.  CalAPA, along with Nevada DOT and the City of Los Angeles, has conducted laboratory testing of this mix with both the Asphalt Pavement Analyzer (used by Georgia, other southern US DOT's and Nevada) and the CPN rut meter.  In both cases the CalAPA mix outperformed the standard Caltrans mix as well as met the minimum requirements for Georgia, Nevada and the City of LA. A draft HMA high stability mix specification is currently being reviewed by Caltrans and the construction industry.



Existing Projects

Listing of project loctions that utilize CalAPA's High Stability HMA. 



Technical Language

Technical language that was used to specify CalAPA's high stability mix during projects and laboratory analysis.


HMA Type C Project

Click HERE to read a recent article about how the high stability mix was utilized on one of Sacramento's busiest street intersections.



Important guidelines when producing and constructing high stability pavements.  For use by agency and contrcating personnel.



Caltrans HMA Type C Spec

Click HERE to download the most recent version of the Caltrans HMA Type C "High Stability Mix" SSP (a Microsoft Word document last updated in 2011). The index page to this SSP contains the following language: "Use for projects that require high stability hot mix asphalt (HMA Type C). Use with the concurrence of the District Materials Engineer or the District Pavement Engineer. HMA Type C is intended for use where rutting is a concern, including intersections, ramps, climbing lanes and weigh stations."with the concurrence of the District

High-performance intersections


The Asphalt Alliance, which is supported by CalAPA, has produced a publication "High Performance Intersections." Click HERE to read more and to download the publication.





 Type C Mix presentation


A presentation on Type-C mix delivered Aug. 7, 2012 at the CalAPA Bay Area Technical Committee meeting by Greg Vinson of Vulcan Materais. Click HERE to download.