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CalAPA Environmental Committee


The asphalt pavement industry has a strong track record of conducting its operations in an environmentally sensitive and sustainable way. The CalAPA Environmental Committee is composed of members who are actively engaged in regulations and compliance issues as they relate to environmental laws in California, including laws and rules covering air quality, water quality aspects of asphalt plant operations, equipment operation and pavement placement. The committee meets six times per year, and other times as needed, and helps develop educational information for the membership on environmental topics as well as advises in the development of association policies and positions on environmental-related matters. In recent years the committee has been actively involved in engaging regulatory agencies to help them understand the practical impact of proposed regulations on the asphalt pavement industry. This involvement has allowed CalAPA to be a valuable resource in helping to shape regulatory language that impacts the industry. The committee has been particularly active with Proposition 65 compliance, California Air Resource Board (CARB) and local air district regulations and compliance, and water quality issues related to construction and storm-water runoff mitigation. The committee invites CalAPA members to participate in committee activities. Read a story about the Environmental Committee that appeared in CalAPA's official magazine, California Asphalt, HERE.


Helpful resources




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