The California Asphalt Pavement Association
Representing the asphalt pavement industry in California since 1953


Recruiting & development the next generation of asphalt industry workers

One of the goals of the CalAPA strategic plan is to help recruit and develop the next generation of workers in the asphalt pavement industry. The association accomplishes this by promoting careers in the industry via our publications, events, outreach to educational institutions and support for scholarship programs. This page highlights a few of those activities. CalAPA members also support this goal independently and in collaboration with others.


Learning & networking with potential future employers

Each year CalAPA provides free admission to its conferences and events for select college students pursuing a degree that is compatible with the industry, such as engineering, geology or construction management.


Promoting the industry

CalAPA helps facilitate guest speakers to job fairs, educational events and other venues where potential recruits to our industry may be present. CalAPA and its partners, such as the National Asphalt Pavement Association, provide promotional material about jobs in the industry.


Leadership training

CalAPA underwrites a fellowship each year to the International Road Federation where a promising college student can attend a Transportation Research Board conference in Washington, D.C. and other events intended to help develop leadership skills.



Paving a smooth career path

CalAPA is a proud supporter of the national "Woman of Asphalt" movement to recruit and promote women in the asphalt industry. The association hosted a leadership panel of women professionals at its Fall Asphalt Pavement Conference, and profiled participants in the association's magazine, which can be viewed on-line HERE.

The national "Women of Asphalt" website is HERE .